Car Wrecker Management System

Inventory system for used spare part applying, full applicability

We are trusted by the major car wreckers in Italy

Transforming the core of their business

LekoTech is a software as a service platform, which in the essence of its existence, has the digitalization of the car industry by completely revolutionizing the work processes, sales and customer interactions, the way of identifying products that are sold, their tracking, determining their compatibility, etc. The platform redefines the way how the industry, technology and people work.

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  • Organize & Digitize your stock
  • Provide full applicability for your car spare part. (= complete list of vehicles where the SP can be assembled
  • Analyse your business and propose expansion strategiesYou will get access to our supply chain: you will benefit from several entities (car wreckers, mechanics, car sellers, etc.) operating in the automotive industry with thousands of customers.

A Unique Product Platform

Allowing us to digitize your inventory and operations
  • Insert Vehicle Module

    LekoTech is a solution to manage your entire vehicle inventory combining cost and time efficiency. You can insert within 1-2 minutes.
  • Get Vehicle Details

    You can get all the vehicle details from the plate number. Including technical details for the version year, fuel type etc...
  • Full Applicability for Spare Parts

    LekoTech provides full applicability for your car spare part. (= complete list of vehicles where the SP can be assembled)
  • Clients Request Module

    Clients can not only find the car wreckers' spare parts with a click, but they can also request a part from them with a Request Module from a client app.

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