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Buy Spare Parts

Today you have access to the main Car Wrecker Stock in Albania totally digitized!! Visit our e commerce site, insert your car model and select your needed Spare Part from our search engine.
Contact the car wrecker if you need further information/clarification.

Request a Spare Part

If you do not find your needed spare part on our e-commerce site,
please leave a voice message with a description of what you need and if you want add some pictures, Leko will search for it for you

Find a Mechanic and Contact Him

How can you select the proper mechanic to repair your car?
Many mechanics in Albania are specialized.
Which one specializes in the same make and model as my car? Are they competent in electronic implant or Engine repair? Which dedicated diagnostic tools do they have? Where are they located and how many workers and ponti they have?

Report a Car Issue

Are you desperate to fix your car issue?
Fill in our module to describe your issue and a mechanic will get back to you!

Logistics Service

Decide if you would like the help of our Logistic service or if you would like to pick up your spare part at Car Wrecker site directly.
Price shown on our e-commerce site includes the full Leko service, which means:
• Receiving the SP in 24 h from Order Confirmation
• Fast return of SP in case of any defect, without any additional cost!

Return Policy

After you receive your spare part, the warranty period starts.
You can return the SP to the related Car Wrecker if it has a defect.
Leko will immediately come to pick up your defected SP and will refund your money (logistics included), with a small fee calculated based on the price of the SP:
• 5 euros if you paid from 0 to 50 euros
• 10% of SP value, if SP price goes from 51 to 250 euros
• From 250 euros on a fix rate of 25 euros will be withheld


About Us

Francesco Carbone (Swiss/Italian Project Manager) and Ledjon Agalliu (Albanian Electronic Engineer) had their first business meeting on October 2017. With similar values and a shared interest in developing a unique project, Lekotech was born. Elton Ngjela (CTO & Solution Architect) and Nikolin Ngjela (Software Developer, Consultant) join  and complete the co-founders team!

Latest News, a sneak peek into the Albanian startup scene

We are expert
in these fields

Our goal is to provide efficient service solutions.

  • Organize & Digitize your stock
  • Provide full applicability for your car spare part. (= complete list of vehicles where the SP can be assembled)
  • Analyse your business and propose expansion strategies
  • You will get access to our supply chain: you will benefit from several entities (car wreckers, mechanics, car sellers, etc.) operating in the automotive industry with thousands of customers.

Importance of Auto wreckers

Auto wreckers allow the re-use of many spare car parts, making it possible to recycle materials like metal plastic, rubber etc.

Six million cars are dismantled every year in Europe, generating nine million tons of trash. Can you imagine the environmental impact without auto wreckers to properly sort and collect these materials?

From the mechanic /driver’s point of view, wrecking yards are a place to find original spare parts at quite a cheap price.

The mission of Leko is to provide auto wreckers with a software solution that will quickly and efficiently find needed spare parts while guaranteeing both price and quality.

We aim to not stop here, but to do our part in limiting the negative environmental impact  please look at the section Environment


Experiencing and Solving Problems

Are you a Car Driver or a Car Repairer? Did you ever try to find your needed car spare parts?? Money and Time Waste??
After 1,5 years development, Lekotech provides to associated Car Wrecker a complete software to digitize spare parts and fully manage their business.
Now Customers can easily find the parts they need, see clearly the price and the benefit of Lekotech logistic service!

Reviews from our clients

  • Very happy with the concept of Lekotech. My warehouse is already well organized and my employees can easily access the parts in a very short time.

    E. Osmani

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