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Buy Spare Parts

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  • Find your Spare Part just fill the search criteria; use your car registration document to find your car characteristics and the help of our Dictionary to find the proper name of the SP you need!
  • Select the SP you need and chat with car wrecker in case of questions
  • Order your SP: logistic is included
  • Receive your Spare Part: you will receive it in the specified hours; anyway, you can monitor your delivery constantly.
  • Check your SP and in case of any defect please contact us via info@lekotech.com.

Find a Mechanic

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Hundreds of mechanics are spread all over Albania
Each one with varying knowledge, equipment and skills.

Lekotech categorizes mechanics based on their competences, location, and dimension criteria

Please select your suitable mechanics with the help of our filters


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  • Enter the apposite module
  • Insert vehicle data as required in the module
  • Make a description of the Spare Part as required in the module
  • Charge pictures of your Spare Part from different perspective (maximum 3) if you have it on hand, by please framing the codes written on SP

Report a Car Issue

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Often times it is difficult for a mechanic to diagnose an issue.

Please fill in the apposite module to describe your car issues: we will share this info with the mechanics, so that someone can offer their support

Logistics Service

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Car wreckers are located in specific areas of Albania, and picking up your SP could mean a waste of time and money.

Lekotech not only provides a proper tool to locate your SP, but even offers a logistics service to bring you your SP in 2 days max!


Return policy:

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You can return the SP to the related Car Wrecker if it presents some defect.

Leko will come immediately to pick up your defected SP and will return you all your money (logistic included), on exception of a small fee calculated on the price SP:

  • 5 euro if you paid from 0 to 50 euro
  • 10% of SP value if SP price goes from 51 to 250 euros
  • From 250 euros on a fix rate of 25 euros will be withheld